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Running Analysis

What is a running analysis? 

Science (HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE, for example) shows correcting poor running mechanics can significantly reduce or eliminate running pains. WICHITA RUNNING's analysis uses skilled observation and specialized video software to accurately analyze your running mechanics. It will compare the way you run with research of healthy running, then provide you with detailed results including each measurement's significance.

How does it work?

You will need to take 2 short videos wearing non-baggy clothing on a treadmill. Warm up, then set your camera on a steady surface near knee level, far enough back to include your feet and shoulders. Take 20 seconds of video from directly behind you, and 20 seconds directly from either side while running at your most common pace. Submit a Google Drive or Dropbox link to your videos at checkout, and your results will find you in a few days!

If you have other questions about the analysis, email or SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION.

How much is a running analysis?

$40 is recommended, but the purpose of WICHITA RUNNING is not profit. It's injury prevention, enhanced performance, & education, all for the love of running. So if you're a student or your budget is tight, please only give what you can comfortably.

15% of all contributions will be donated to